Sick of not getting fast & targeted traffic?

“How A Weird Men’s Health Newsfeed Ad Helped Me Create A Simple Step By Step System That Added 727 Subscribers To My List In 6 Days...Which Then Turned Into A $95 A Day Campaign By Day 7...”


Fast Acting, Repeatable and Highly Scalable…


Hey Warrior,

Peter van Zijl here with Mark Thompson.

Between us we’ve been full time internet marketers for nearly 14 years…

We’ve helped hundreds of people build profitable online businesses…

…and today we’d like to do the same for you.

You see, we’ve never seen something like this before…

Right now there is a golden opportunity for anyone to dominate niche markets using Facebook…I’ll show you exactly how you can do that in a minute.

I Got Sick Of Building Fan Page After Fan Page

A few months ago I woke up one morning with a bee in my bonnet…

I wanted to take my niche marketing business to the next level.

I wanted to dominate niches with Facebook without building massive fan pages.

Now, don’t get me wrong…there is nothing wrong with fan pages. They are still a huge part of my core marketing strategy…and I make very good money from them every day.

But my new mission was simple…

I wanted to build a set and forget lead generation machine right off of Facebook’s newsfeed.

At First It Didn’t Really Go To Plan (At All)

Weird how that happens, right?

I thought I “had it” but I found: 

  • I’d spend hours researching niches and struggle to pick a winner
  • The demographics I’d research on third party websites like Alexa were all wrong…
  • I’d setup ads and get a horrible click thru rate and end up paying thru the roof for my clicks
  • When my posts got clicks people simply weren’t clicking on the link to my money page….and I was wasting my ad budget
  • When people did sign up I struggled to recoup my ad investment right away…

I knew a lot of people were making a lot of money with newsfeed ads…

I wasn’t going to give up.

I was determined.

The Weird “Men’s Health” Ad That Showed Me The Light

You wanna get ripped, bro?” the six pack in my newsfeed asked me.

I clicked on the link.

It took me thru to a very convincing fake blog trying to sell me some miracle CPA product.

I remember thinking – “there’s no way this works”.

The next day, Mr. Six Pack was back in my newsfeed.

And the next day…and the next.

It suddenly dawned on me – this guy must be cleaning up!

I mean, he’s not just wasting his money making me feel fat…

This offer must be converting like crazy for him.

So I thought – let’s start at the top…and I closely analysed his ad.

There were three weird things that he was doing that were completely different to anything I’d seen on ads in my newsfeed.

How the heck was he doing that?

So my mission began.

After Spending $100’s of Dollars On Ads I Created A Bullet Proof System…

I spent hours and hours and hundreds of dollars tirelessly testing and tweaking my ads…

Slowly but surely I started to get results…

One day it all “clicked” and I was in business.

The results actually shocked me.

With this system:

  • You can pick a niche market within 15 minutes and know for SURE it would be profitable…
  • You’ll take all the guess work out of your campaign and be 100% certain you’re targeting the right demographics
  • You can setup ads in minutes and get sky high click thru’s which dramatically lowered your cost per click and increase your ROI
  • Your ads will attract eyeballs and clicks so quickly that traffic will flood to your site as soon as your ad goes live…
  • You can use a simple 4 step formula that can give you instant sales…

This system works…and it works fast!

Check out some of my results:


727 Subscribers In 6 Days


Turned Into A $96 A Day Income Stream On Day 7

Dirt Cheap Hot Leads Added To My List

138 Clicks to An External Squeeze Page? Yes Please!


81 Subscribers In A Single Day! Cost? $10!

High Conversions Right Off Of People’s Newsfeed…



Newsfeed Ads Maestro

Newsfeed Ads Maestro is a full training course with 8 videos and a PDF.

We’re going to take you by the hand and show you everything you need to do to run successful newsfeed ad campaigns.

You’ll discover a step by step system that you can use today to start driving highly targeted traffic to any squeeze page you choose.

Here’s some of what you’ll discover:

Module 1Niche Research Prodigy

The first module is dedicated to niche research.

Don’t worry – there’s no boring keyword research or anything like that.

Because you’re using our system choosing a winning niche is as simple as 1-2-3...

Here’s what you’ll discover:

  • The 3 things to look out for in any niche to ensure you’re able to make money consistently for months…even years to come.
  • How to know if a niche is good to go into (takes 15 minutes, tops!)
  • Exactly how to “think ahead” to ensure you build a real, sustainable business…

Module 2Fan Page Master

Know how to setup a fan page?


But when you’re running newsfeed ads there are a few vital things you need to know.

In this module you’ll discover:

  • Exactly what to do to avoid the most common mistakes most people make with newsfeed ads…this alone will sky rocket your conversions
  • 2 simple tweaks to make to your page that will help you get a higher CTR and increase your ROI
  • How to choose the right image for your page to immediately stand out from the noise (you’ll get far more clicks by doing this)

Module 3Post Ace

There’s a right way and wrong way to create your posts.

Unfortunately, too many people do this the wrong way.

You’re not going to make that costly mistake.

In this module you’ll discover:

  • The wrong way (we see this all the time) of running newsfeed ads and how to avoid it…

  • A simple tweak that tripled my click thru rate and halved my ad cost (I still see so many people NOT doing this!)
  • The most important part of your ad to pay attention too (do this and your results will skyrocket)

Module 4 Ad Wizard

Traffic time.

You’re about to get a ton of targeted traffic right to your money page…

In this module you’ll discover

  • The best way to start your campaign quickly and easily to get up and running in no time!
  • Simple tweaks you can perform using the Power Editor to get way more targeted clicks
  • One important mistake to avoid that could end up completely destroying your campaign (once you know it you’ll never make this mistake)

Module 5Demographic Master

We don’t like guessing…it’s a recipe for disaster.

So you’re not going to be 100% certain of your campaign…

In this module you’ll discover:

  • A hidden goldmine in Facebook that gives you all the information you need to really zero in on your target market
  • A simple trick that helps you dramatically cut your ad costs (takes about 5 minutes to do)

Module 6Monetization Virtuoso

Let’s make some money!

Looking for an easy way to make money right off the bat?

Then you’ll love this module where you’ll discover:

  • The secret 4 step formula to instantly monetizing your new list so that you can immediately make back your investment…
  • How anyone can easily recoup their ad investment right away
  • You’ll also get access to the exact template I use.

Module 7Community King

In this module we’ll look at how you can take this system further. This will help you build a real, sustainable business.

You’ll discover:

  • How to create a “Social Triangle” to build an army of raving fans that will keep buying from you over and over again
  • The “weekly roundup” strategy that will quickly strengthen your relationship with your readers
  • A different way to monetize your list and have them buying unrelated products (this is super easy to do…yet incredibly profitable…

Module 8Custom Audience Vagabond


  • How to find active & engaged people and target them

  • How to extract engaged users to add to your custom audience campaign
  • How to easily find FB Users with similar profiles and interests
  • Do all of this and you’ll drastically reduce your costs by increasing click thru rates…

You’re getting everything you need to become a Newsfeed Ads Maestro…

How Much Is Targeted Traffic On Tap Worth To You?

This offer is on a dimesale so the price is going up with each sale…

It’s only going to be available for 7 days then we’re going to take it off the forum and sell it at a higher price…

I’d like to offer you two very limited time bonuses that will help you further…

Bonus 1 – Exclusive Access To The FB Dynamo Facebook Group

Once you pick up FB Newsfeed Ads Maestro today you’ll get a link to join our private mastermind group.

We’ll be sharing strategies to help you kick start your campaigns.

We’re building a community of like minded marketers who love results fast!

Bonus 2: Free Advanced Facebook Ads Live Training Webinar

On Monday the 28th of October we’ll be holding a live training session.

This is the perfect opportunity to get all your questions answered live.

We’ll also be revealing 3 advanced Facebook marketing tactics that you can use to dramatically improve your campaigns and results.

The webinars will be recorded…although if you can make the live call that will give you an excellent chance to get your questions answered.

No BS. No Hype. No Theory.

We’re two marketers in the trenches everyday…we practice what we preach.

We love to add more content to our products at no extra cost to you.

If you’re looking for a quick way to get targeted traffic then this is for you.

If you’re looking to build incredibly responsive lists in pretty much any niche you want then you’ll love this…

If you’re serious about your success…and want a fast, affordable and easy to follow system then I highly recommend you jump on this now.


This Is What Our Customers Think




Want a 28% Discount?  

Click On The Button To Find Out How

FB Dynamo - Newsfeed Ad Maestro
100% Rock Solid Money Back Guarantee

I’m going to take the risk so you don’t have to. I’m so sure you’re going to love this product. Try this out, risk free for 30 days. If you aren’t satisfied for any reason simply send me and email and I’ll refund you every penny of this small investment.

Note: By purchasing this product you acknowledge that you need to invest in your success. You’re looking at a budget of around $5 – $10 a day. Once your campaign is profitable we highly recommend investing back into your campaign. Not having a budget is NOT an excuse for a refund. Also, we pride ourselves on our support – if you file a PayPal dispute this guarantee is null and void.

Here’s What You’re Getting

Here’s a quick summary of what you’re getting when you invest today:

  • The full FB Dynamo: Newsfeed Ads Maestro course including 8 step by step training videos and a PDF
  • Free access to the FB Dynamo Facebook mastermind group where we will share strategies and success stories…
  • Free live training webinar where we’ll reveal 3 advanced Facebook advertising techniques
  • The golden opportunity to get all your questions answered live to help kickstart your campaigns
  • A proven system that will help you get targeted traffic whenever you want it…
  • Unrivalled support…


Traffic Will Never Be a Problem Again

Now you can focus on your conversions…

Now you can stop worrying about getting more traffic…and drive your business forward fast.

You do NOT have to run Facebook like campaigns for this system to work.

You don’t have to worry about posting daily on your fan pages…

This opportunity is knocking you your door right now…are you going to answer?


Want a 28% Discount?  

 Click On The Button To Find Out How

FB Dynamo - Newsfeed Ad Maestro

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter.

If you’re serious about creating a constant flow of traffic and leads for your business jump on this now.

We look forward to helping you dominate your niche marketing efforts.

Bye for now,

Peter van Zijl and Mark Thompson

P.S. If you’re looking for leads not likes then grab this now. This is on a dimesale so the price is going up every few sales…

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  1. David

    It works ;-)


  2. Don

    Hello, Will this help me get targeted traffic to my golf school website? My main traffic target is the state my school is in.


    • Mark

      Yes of course.. it will be perfect for that

  3. shawn smith

    Can you please clarify the following?

    1. The sales page says “Know how to setup a fan page? Great!”. I am not sure what this means. Does it mean that we have to know how to create fan pages OR are you going to show us how to create a good fan page?

    2. Do we have to have an autoresponder in place for this to work? Do all the sales you made were as a result of squeeze page/follow up emails? (i.e., were there any direct sales also?)


    • Mark

      Hi Shawn, a fan page is only a very minor part of this system but you do need to create one pete does show you but we don’t spend much time on it. As for an autoresponder , you could do direct sales BUT you are wasting a lot of money so i wouldn’t recommend it

  4. Jason

    Is this good for newbies. Do I need a website? Can it be done for local business

    • Mark

      If you have no Idea about facebook then you should probably start with our reverse blogging product as that goes into the basics of facebook. For this you it would be better for you to know a little about how FB works

  5. Christine

    Could I ask what the upsell is if there is one?

    • Mark

      we are doing a 2 live case studies

  6. Saw this question but didn’t see the answer. Does this work to help local businesses (offline marketing)?

    • Mark

      Yes it does, wherever you can target an audience it works

  7. Guy Hauptman

    What if FB takes forever to approve your ad in the Power Editor? Any way to expedite the approval process?

    • Mark

      We find out ads take about 5-10 minutes most of the time… the more you do the quicker it gets.. waited up to 2 days at the start.

  8. When you said you can target specific people/groups is that like an extractor?

    • PeteVZ

      You can use that if you want or you can target interests and demographics.

  9. Hi Guys,

    Are you seeing any issues with getting “Custom Audiences” adverts approved. We are struggling with this as i have heard about changes with Power Editor.

    Pete, you mention your $95 per day campiagn on the sales page. Is that CPA/Affiliate or a combination of both. How quickly could somebody achieve that and what kind of budget would be needed to get to that level.



    • Mark


      I created a custom audience campaign yesterday approved in 5 minutes. There have been rumours about power editor but nothing has been said by FB so treat them with a pinch of salt until you hear something from FB.

      Pete’s offer was CPA he talked about in last night webinar that was after about 5 days if I remember correctly using a budget of $10 a day.. but obviously there was also income on the first few days as well

  10. Muhammad fadhli abdul aziz

    great info..

  11. Awesome Info.Perfect!

  12. this program help me get targeted traffic to my job.

    • Mark

      it depends what your job is! But If you have a site then you can use it to drive traffic

  13. Mike

    Hi so are we using a scraper tool or something to scrape UIDs? in order to get super cheap clicks?

    • Mark

      Hi No, this course is about creating a longterm income using newsfeed ads.

  14. I tried to buy your package with a debit card and got hung up with a paypal screen and couldn’t determine whether I have bought it or not until some pending charges come in to my bank account. Please advise if you have received the payment or not.
    Many thanks
    Bill Alder

    • Mark

      Bill, I can’t see a payment from you.. Mark

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